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This page will be different from the rest. Taking a more serious approach for this page providing everyone with back story and details on the MLB's current lockout.

MLB lockout

A lockout is a type of work stoppage used by the owners of a business during a labor dispute. players feel owners aren’t struggling as much as they say they are; that too many teams are receiving tens of millions in revenue sharing from their counterparts. Owners, though, believe baseball players have the best deal in professional sports,

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association were unable to come to a collective bargaining agreement that would end the owner-imposed lockout on Tuesday March 1st. During this period players cannot sign major league contracts. They cannot take part in team activities. They should not be talking to team officials. They cannot even use team facilities.

Spring training games were pushed back to March 12 and the first two series of the regular season, scheduled to begin March 31, have been canceled, reducing the schedule from 162 games to 156 games. There is no set end to the lockout as talk continues to occur.