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The NBA is currently celebrating its 75th season. In order to celebrate the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Season, The NBA 75 landmark will honor generations of basketball fans around the world, as well as current and former players and coaches. Throughout the season, the league has supported the communities where the NBA family lives, works and plays and by improved lives through the game of basketball. A new edition to the logo has been taken as shown above.

Current NBA Championship Odds

Team Odds Record
Pheonix Suns +425 49-12
Golden State Warriors +480 43-19
Brooklyn Nets +500 32-31
Milwaukee Bucks +550 37-25
Philadelphia 76ers +650 37-23

Who do you [the fans] have as your 21'-22' Champs?

With February coming to a close and 20 games left in the season, the MVP race is getting more intense than before. Players are hooping out of their minds. The current top 3 canidates are Joel Embiid, Ja Morant and Demaar Derozan. Each of them put up their individual season highs in point having them looking at the thophy and each other like:

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